About Us

Long White stands for moments with mates that last forever. It could be at 3am catching up with a mate who’s just returned from living overseas, when you’re hanging your head out the window on the first roadie of summer, or when you just trip over and can’t stop laughing.

They’re not Disney moments; they’re real and imperfect – and the fact is those moments could be small, life changing, gone, or yet to happen – but the feeling they leave with you is forever.

Our range of bevvies is made up of Long White Vodka and Long White Crisp. The original Long White Vodka is triple distilled vodka blended with naturally flavoured sparkling water, fruit juice and all-natural flavours. Refreshing and less sweet than classic ready mixed drinks, Long White Vodka is available in Lemon & Lime, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Feijoa, and Apple & Pear.

Long White Crisp is a new range with ultra-low sugar (less than 1.7g sugar per 100mL) and available in four flavours; Vodka & Soda with lime or cranberry, and Gin & Soda with lemon or watermelon.